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48 Math, English, Science and/or Arts activities to keep your little ones entertained for hours on end. No need to worry about buying supplies or printing out sheets – we’ve done that too! Each Wunderkind includes all the tools, printed worksheets, and materials you need to complete all the exciting exercises. These fun home activities act as a great child development aid. Each product gives you and your little one 2 to 3 hours of educational entertainment per day across the span of 4 weeks.
Each Wunderkind contains:
– 4 weeks’ worth of activities,
– A schedule and guidance sheet for parents,
– Printed worksheets,
– Materials and supplies for each of the 48 activities and exercises (including but not limited to food coloring, coloring pencils, scissors, glue, cutouts, stickers…), and
– A tote bag.


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